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I came to Laramie as a UW student in 1999 and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 2003.  Not coming from a small town, I became accustomed to the benefits of small-town living pretty quick, like being able to meet your neighbors and “go where everyone knows your name;” participating in and coaching kids in city recreation sports leagues, attending kids’ school plays, concerts, recitals; learn and enjoy the many outdoor activities. I have called Laramie my home ever since.

I met my wife as a fellow Engineering student at UW, we were married in Laramie in 2004, and have raised our three kids here.

When I have time, I still enjoy a game of pick-up basketball, along with golfing and fishing in the summers, hiking and hunting in the fall, skiing and hot springs in the winter, and travel and gaming in the spring.

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One of the promises I made when I was appointed is that I would always be available as a public servant – no different now than it was then.  Enter your contact information and I’ll make sure to get in contact with you.

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