Aaron’s goals

Completed & yet to implement

Reducing Traffic Fatalities

  • Many of the fatalities that we experience in Albany County are due to traffic crashes. Many are due to excessive speeds, or drivers impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.  As sheriff I will continue to incorporate fact-based, and data driven traffic safety measures to reduce this type of fatality.

Mental Health crisis response

  • Many law enforcement calls are intertwined with a mental health crisis response. I want to continue ongoing training efforts, so Sheriff Deputies feel more confident in responding to these situations
  • Continue work with community resources to refer those in mental health crisis to clinics and other professionals outside of law enforcement. Not every crisis requires a law enforcement intervention or a criminal justice solution. Continue to utilize non-law enforcement partners withing our community.
  • Continue to use mental health resources within the detention center; establish connection with local resources for inmate reintroduction into the community and greater reduction in recidivism

Alternative sentencing options

  • Jail is not a hospital, it’s not a mental health clinic, and it’s not a substance abuse clinic – it is a temporary holding facility
  • What it lacks could be made up by what we don’t have in sentencing requirements to avoid jailtime and get people the help they truly need by incorporating alternative sentencing programs for those suffering with substance or alcohol abuse, mental health issues, or food, health, and financial insecurities.
  • We only want to put people in jail that need to be in jail
  • An effort to reduce or eliminate a person’s time in the detention center

Increase transparency

  • Being open, up-front, and available to the community

Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Recruit and retain diverse staff to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace and law enforcement response for the community.
  • Lots of people come from lots of different places and backgrounds. The more people with the various backgrounds we have in law enforcement the better the agency.


  • Continue ongoing efforts to incorporate de-escalation training and techniques amongst all staff at the ACSO. Utilize grant funding and community partners to establish long-term, sustainable training efforts with the goal of having 100% of deputies trained in de-escalation techniques.

Commitment to Rural Residents

  • Rural residents have unique challenges where they live. County residents depend on the Sheriff’s Office to focus on their needs, not solely on the residents in town. As Sheriff, I’ve committed to listening to the concerns of our rural residents and towns and have followed with action. Whether it be land management issues, range management issues, unauthorized access, property line disputes, or natural disaster response, my office has always been willing and able to lend a helping hand. While I’m in office, my commitment to county residents and rural towns will never waiver. I’ll continue to work with local residents and volunteer firefighters to make sure the Sheriff’s Office is always available to lend a helping hand.

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